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A hyperlite RPG ruleset for dangerous, treasure-seeking adventures in a strange world of mystery. Intended to be picked up and played in under an hour. Leaves extra hooks for a larger campaign world which could be created from the framework.

No RPG experience necessary. Just say what you want to do and you do it! Imagination & creativity are required to play!

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CategoryPhysical game
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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagshyperlite, mordhearse, OSR, Retro, Tabletop


Tales of Mordhearse rules v1.2.pdf 93 kB
ugly micro character sheets 3 kB


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I think your game is a little gem ! Thank you for sharing it.

There is no mention of a licence in your PDF. Can we adapt it, or translate it in other languages ?

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Public domain, do what thou wilt! Sell it! splice it! burn it! 

Except for the art of Moebius of course. I don't own that just the words!

Oh thank you !

My goal is to translate/adapt it for a jam : https://itch.io/jam/donjons-pour-debutants

We create games/dungeons/adventures for french kids in schools.

Your kind words are very appreciated!!

very cool! I would like to see it even though i don't speak French!

For sure ! 


and .. voilà ! https://matthieu-be.itch.io/les-contes-de-morte-plaine

I have adapted your game in order to make it simple to use for young DM


it looks really great, much more organized and professional looking! I like the improvement of DM notes section, of which mine was really sparse, and splitting it up into multiple trifolds is a nice touch.